Being And Doing

Most of us are familiar with the power of doing energy. We use this to go to work, get tasks done, excel in school, make new friends, start a project, carry out a task, or get the household chores done. In our culture, doing energy is synonymous with success, forward motion, and acclaim. We see this as the primary way to move up at work, go out and get a house, start a family, or launch our business.

And yet there’s another extremely powerful energy we don’t always harness: being energy. This is the energy of slowing down, of just being. It as an energy of releasing into the present moment, being fully here in the now, and allowing your thoughts and spirit to wander or soak. It’s a shifting inward and expanding from there more than it is a forward motion from one point to another. It’s not always linear, and it doesn’t always make sense. This is the energy of creative ideas, imagination, meditation, savoring, resting, restoring, and healing.

Both energies are vital for our well-being. If we harness only doing energy, we may have trouble connecting to our core selves, healing from internal wounds, or tapping into our creative power. If we harness only being energy, we will have trouble making creative ideas a reality, bringing in income, or enacting change on our world.

Speaking of change, there are at least two types of it, and each energy allows for change in its own way. Doing energy allows you to act on the physical realm to create change either externally or internally. This could mean using a thought record to change unhelpful patterns or starting that new business you’ve always dreamed of. Being energy allows your subconscious to create change with minimal exertion on your part. It allows what you’ve learned in your head to melt into your body, and creates space for body wisdom to soak into your head. It may bring up images or patterns or understandings you don’t gain by trying to force them through doing energy.

I wager most of us are very familiar with doing energy, but being energy is not often valued as highly in our culture and in ourselves (for we, after all, are the culture). Just as we create project goals, to-do lists, or set up appointments (and hopefully take action on all these!) to channel our doing action; we meditate, rest, and use our imagination to harness our being energy. Sometimes this means taking a mental health day, appreciating the present moment, or using visualizations. For some it may mean dancing to a favorite song, walking through nature, singing, or digging deep into your favorite book.

Challenge!: What are things you regularly do that harness your doing energy? Your being energy? If there’s misalignment between the two, what can you do to bring them into balance?

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