The ONE Technique

Since I regularly research anxiety, mental growth, self-improvement, planning, and running a business, my Facebook feed overflows with ads with titles like “See why my planner actually lets you reach your goals!” or “Learn this one tip to change your life!” or “Stop anxiety in five minutes!” I shake my head at these, but every so often, I’ll give in to the clickbait. After all, stopping anxiety in five minutes or figuring out one tip that will unlock the change I desire in my life sounds so tempting.

And yet, there is no five-minute anxiety cure or one tip that will unlock the secrets to your well-being. And what works for one person as a cure or breakthrough or stops anxiety in its tracks, doesn’t necessarily work for others.

What I’m saying is if you haven’t found the one technique to change your life, don’t discourage! It takes time, patience, and consistency to enact change. One technique might work for you one week, and a new technique may be needed the next. It can be challenging, especially if you are first starting out, to even know what you need.

I encourage you to stay away from the clickbait surrounding mental health, success, and career advancement. Find sources you trust and which actually help you move toward your goals, but if you see a headline and think “I MUST click this. What if I miss the ONE technique that could help me?” know that you don’t have to click anything and that there isn’t necessarily one technique that will save you. There are many paths to healing, and if you do miss what might have been a breakthrough, there’s another opportunity around the corner, especially if you consistently move toward it. Trust yourself.

A lot of these clickbaits ask you to abdicate self-trust. Instead of remaining confident you have the answers and the ability to heal inside yourselfthat you are capable of growing and changing and healing the way you need and capable of finding what will help youclickbait centers the solution outside yourself and says, “I’VE found the answer. I have it. The one answer. The key. You don’t. If you don’t read this, maybe you never will. Let me save you, because you don’t want to face the consequences of dealing with it by yourself.”

This isn’t to say you won’t need outside help (therapy, support group, medication, yoga classes, etc.) throughout your journey, but there’s a difference between doing one of these things because you feel it’s best for yourself and clicking on a link that gives the perception you won’t find the solution without it.

Trust yourself. You are worth so much, and so is your healing and growth. You know what you need (or can learn it, by trial and error), and you can trust your core self to move toward what you need. If you feel compelled to click on something or buy a book because you want the one solution that will reach in and turn everything around, check in with your core self first. Sometimes you will end up clicking or buying, and that’s absolutely okay. Sometimes your core self will recognize that your desire to click or make a purchase stems from a lack of self trust, and in this case, it can be wise to turn away and practice other techniques that honor who you are and honor your self-trust.

What About You?: Does that make sense? Post any questions below, and let me know what you’ve seen and experienced in your own journey!


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