Hey, Ewe

Hey, you.

I hope your day got off to a great start or that you’re unwinding now at the end of the evening or getting cozy in bed or enjoying a sandwich during your lunch break. I hope the weather was nice and your peers were kind and your customers offered you smiles. I hope you’re doing okay.

And yet, I need you to understand deep in your bones that you are accepted the way you are. If your day sucked, if the weather was awful, if a customer yelled, if you don’t have money for a sandwich, if you’re crying yourself to sleep, if you can’t get out of bed.

You are enough.

If you’ve been working on inner growth for years and feel like you’ve gone nowhere. If you are in the throes of depression and question your existence. If you’re in the middle of a panic attack and sobbing even as you feel you can’t breathe. If you think you’re going crazy and are pacing the floor. If you’re on your knees because you can’t take the heartache anymore. If shame makes you hide your face. If your dreams are lying in broken pieces around you.

You are enough.

And you are so beautiful. I don’t need you to smile, or dance, or get out of bed. I don’t need you to move forward. I don’t need you to be rich or know where you’re going. I don’t need you to have makeup on or your hair neatly combed. I don’t need you to know what’s going on or offer the answers. I don’t need you to stop crying or be brave. I don’t need you to be positive or extroverted or happy.

I need you to be you. Fully. In this moment. You are beautiful.

God, you are so beautiful. Lying there, shining, despite the darkness around you. Ugly crying on the floor, with your beautiful heart throbbing for all to see. Picking up shattered pieces of your dream and holding them close because you care so, so much. Closing your eyes as depression enfolds you because you can’t make life compute.

You are enough.

Sometimes we forget that. Sometimes we think “enoughness” or “goodness” only applies to certain individuals or at certain times or when “desired behavior” is exhibited.


You are enough right now.

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