Treasuring A Range Of Emotions

Do you enjoy sadness? Anger? Frustration? Or only happiness, peace, passion, and contentment?

Did you know you CAN enjoy sadness, anger, and frustration?

I didn’t until recently. But think about it. Is there pleasure in being happy and content all the time? Is there happiness without pain? Would we enjoy it as much? Would excitement peak as high without disappointment? Would passion soar in every vein without frustration? I don’t know.

But I do know all these emotions are part of the human experience. Until recently, I thought the goal of being human was to eradicate negative emotions as much as possible. I’ve since been rethinking that. Sadness, anger, and frustration aren’t negative emotions. They’re part of the human experience, and even if we achieve all our dreams, they will still be there. The way we understand and relate to them may need to change so we don’t use these emotions to go into a downward spiral or stop pursuing our dreams, but should we attempt to get rid of them?

For myself, I’ve found the joy in sadness. There’s something about grief that’s so raw and healing. It’s a glimpse into my soul, the souls of others, and reminds me of the connections living things have. On the other side of grief is immense peace and awareness of life. Anger reminds me what I’m passionate about, shows me where my walls are, and helps me grow. On the other side of anger is clarity. Frustration likewise helps me grow, reminding me to work toward my goals with or without a clear direction, with or without motivation. Frustration is a slowing down, but it also means my brain is hard at work unraveling the next thread that will lead to a season of ease and passion.

Welcome your emotionsall of them, as seasons rather than diseases.

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