Two Phases of Healing and Growth (Podcast)

In this second podcast episode, I talk about two very different but very important phases of healing and growth I experienced with my journey through depression. Listen to the episode and share your own thoughts and experiences below! **For more content related to my blog posts, visit the Discovering Wholeness Patreon at I’m excited … More Two Phases of Healing and Growth (Podcast)

Friends Vs. Therapy

As I was going through therapy late in my teenage years, I encountered someone in my life who was making negative decisions and taking negative actions, which were hurting me and others I was close to. When I spoke to that person about therapy, they told me they didn’t need it because they had friends … More Friends Vs. Therapy

Separating Fact From Thought And Emotion

“She’s so mean.” “My job is boring.” “I’m trapped in this situation.” “You don’t care about me.” Can you separate the above statements into facts and non-facts? Most of us struggle to do this. The truth is, all the above statements are assumptions. Because someone snapped at you doesn’t make them mean, except from your … More Separating Fact From Thought And Emotion

Comparing Pain (Video)

Is comparing our pain to others’ helpful? Find out how to validate your unique pain and begin to heal from it! Remember to subscribe for more updates, and if you have any thoughts, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!