Creating Morals

As you can see, I’m diving into the deep end this month. I’m fascinated with how much of reality is created, rather than objective, and I believe this gives us vast freedom to create the life we want. We discussed this a little in last week’s post, but I want to address how this idea … More Creating Morals

What Is Reality?

This is a topic that’s blown my mind the last few months as I’ve learned more about what reality is and how we can shape and in fact create it. Apart from facts (gravity pulls us toward the ground, air is what we breathe, toes are on our feet), reality is subjective and created to … More What Is Reality?

Comparing Pain (Video)

Is comparing our pain to others’ helpful? Find out how to validate your unique pain and begin to heal from it! Remember to subscribe for more updates, and if you have any thoughts, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!